Does the brand fu*k?!?

Brand marketers are faced with a perplexing question: how do we break through the noise and capture people's attention?  

One such strategy that has proven to be powerful is harnessing the emotional trigger of 'rizz.' This elusive quality, often described as a blend of excitement and intrigue, has the potential to inspire people to take notice of a brand and become invested in its story. By tapping into the power of 'rizz,' brands can transcend the mundane and become the catalyst for truly transformative experiences.

What is Rizz?

Rizz is the powerful emotion of strong sexual desire. It sparks a craving for sensory pleasure or experience. Another way to think about rizz is through the lens of lust. Lust stops people from thinking and starts to get them feeling about your brand, making the ordinary emotional and using all five senses. Sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch are used to tease and flirt with your brand.

Ignoring rizz can be a challenging task since it arises from impulsive and irrational impulses rather than logical thinking. Consequently, it can serve as a potent stimulant for intensifying the market's craving.

If you trigger rizz, you can draw the market closer, leaving them wanting more and more until satiated.

Arouse desire

Why is it that when you enter a W Hotel it's dimly lit with red?

Why is it that Lou Bouton's have red coloring under their shoes?

Or why is it that Apple pushed a "Stroll" ad with soft, sensual music to promote its Airpods?

They all aimed to create desire around their brands by triggering the emotion of rizz.

Rizz, a biological attraction, triggers physical and emotional responses that bypass rational analysis, making people receptive to a message and open to new possibilities. This trigger aims to create a personal and immersive brand connection instead of relying on logic.

Solana's Rizz

It's a challenge to find brands in the crypto industry that truly embody the elusive quality of 'rizz.' However, there is one notable exception that comes to mind: Solana.

This brand has managed to infuse its identity with an unmistakable 'rizz-factor' that is tough to ignore. From their bold and vibrant color scheme to their unapologetically lustful branding, Solana has succeeded in capturing the attention of the entire industry.

Their brand exudes an undeniable aura of excitement and intrigue, inspiring a sense of curiosity and wonder in all who encounter it. The rizz extends to their hacker houses, exuding vibes of a rave.

Think about that: Solana has made nerdy computer programming sexy.

What left an impression on me about Solana was their bold move to launch the "chewing glass" campaign. The essence of this campaign lies in the fact that coding on Solana is far from being a walk in the park.

Rather than allowing this narrative to take root and fester with a negative connotation, Solana turned the tables by claiming that coding on their platform is tantamount to "chewing glass." In doing so, they portrayed the image that only the bravest and most resolute developers can work on Solana, as they possess the grit and determination to endure the hardships of coding, just as one would have to chew glass.

Solana Labs CEO: ‘Part of our culture is to eat glass’
Solana Labs CEO Anatoly Yakovenko said that Solana’s biggest challenge was getting people to run the network.

Beyond reason

The intense yearning for something has the power to push people into making irrational and even reckless decisions. This emotional trigger of 'rizz' can be harnessed to great effect in certain messaging strategies, especially for technologies that defy convention.

'Rizz' can inspire people to venture beyond their normal boundaries of self-control and indulge in new and exciting use cases, even if they seem irrational at first glance. It can be the driving force behind people's willingness to adopt technologies that offer a heightened sensory experience, regardless of their cost. It is this elusive quality that underpins the seemingly inexplicable phenomenon of people choosing to make choices that are not entirely rational.

If you want to create a messaging strategy that inspires intense desire, regardless of rational considerations, you must employ sensory factors like sight, sound, taste, touch, and scent throughout your brand messaging. By tapping into the emotional triggers that drive people to act on impulse, you can create a powerful connection with your target audience and stand out in an increasingly crowded marketplace. Harnessing the power of 'rizz' is not just a choice; it's a must-have ingredient in any messaging strategy that seeks to inspire people to take action.

Does it fu*k?!

There's a filtering question on anything branding related that I like to ask: "Does this fu*k?" What I'm really asking here is "Does this have the power to captivate and excite?" If the answer is no, it does not have rizz. If the answer is yes, it has rizz. Rizz can help you stand out in the landscape of boring.

Make rizz a must-have ingredient to your brand.

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